“I went to Laura for my very first reading. It was beyond my expectations. I left feeling as if so many experiences, feelings, and how I approach so many aspects of my like just “clicked” into place. Her insight, fun spirit and knowledge just blew me away!” KG, CT

“I recently had a reading by Laura. Or should I say she narrated my life 😁. Not only was her reading spot on, but for those who know Laura, her lively energy really animated the experience – brought it to life – a verbal image was created, which is a gift she displays everywhere!
Thank you, Laura for your commitment to the service you provide and the artistic manner in which you convey your message 🙏🦅.” WC, CT


“My first real astrology reading was with Laura. Wow, she really read me spot on. I never realized the depth you could go with the stars & planets. It revealed my comforts, my challenges and everything in between. Laura’s delivery is like listening to a story, she weaves in an intuitive knowing as well. If you want to know yourself a little more, go talk to Laura. She’s amazing!” WM

“I had the privilege to not only having an Astrology reading with Laura personally, but also a compatibility reading for myself and my partner. It was like Laura had known us all our lives and knew the secrets inside our souls. A reading with Laura helped me understand myself at a deeper level as well as myself and my partner, and understanding US as a team. Laura takes the time to really help you understand and expresses it in details you can understand and gain insight into any area of your life. As soon as you sit with her, she makes you feel like you’re with an old friend, and you’re always guaranteed amazing knowledge and a fun time. She is my Go-To for all things Astrology!” SL, CT

“After taking an Intro to Astrology class with Laura, I decided it would be a nice way to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister by having a reading together with Laura. Only 5 minutes apart in birth, my sister and I have almost the exact same natal chart. It was so interesting that every detail that Laura read was spot on for both of us. We are so different but the reading still somehow applied to both of us just in different ways. Laura not only has a deep understanding and connection to astrology but she makes the reading so much fun by adding her personality to the reading. And she has the type of personality that you just want to be around 24/7: witty, hilarious, sarcastic and yet brilliant, wise and true with a connection to something more divine and mystical. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of themselves through their natal chart. She makes connections that are truly personal and meaningful. You will feel as if she somehow has known you for years. Her talent is undeniable.” – KP, CT

“I just received my order from Elemental Mercury.  Laura is a woman of amazing talent, who I consider one of the best definitions of a modern Renaissance woman. Laura created beautiful, unique jewelry. Go to her Etsy store and buy something fabulous!” ST, Florida

“Laura is so gifted! Intuitive, fun & creative! She did an amazing natal chart reading for my daughter. She makes astrology fun & easy to understand. Her knowledge & passion for teaching & the arts is infectious. The depth & detail she went into with her chart was exactly what I wanted. I’d recommend anyone experience a reading with her!” — AB, Ridgefield, CT

“What a great experience with Laura!!! I had a custom astrological necklace created for my sister that was accompanied with a chart reading. She was so accurate in describing my sister and the necklace so beautiful, that I had one made for a friend. Couldn’t resist, had one made for myself, showed my best friend and she is super excited to have one made too!!! To me this is the perfect gift of love and self expression!!!!” -DM, New Milford, CT

“I loved having my chart and card readings done by Laura. Besides really knowing her stuff in both areas, she’s incredibly intuitive. She understands astrology and the human condition very well, and she’s able to see the connections and patterns –she can see the big picture, and explains it all in a way that’s very clear. She CARES, she’s not going through the motions or reading from some computer printout. She was pretty funny, too. Very satisfied returning customer, here.” – MG, Arizona

“Elemental Mercury makes beautiful custom zodiac and Chakra jewelry plus more!! I ordered custom Astrological Crystal Window Hangers which are out-of-this-world stunning, that now every time I need a birthday or special gift, it is my go-to.” SL, Connecticut


“I have been blessed to have worked with Laura as my astrological counselor for many, many years. She is by far one of my favorite folks to listen to and learn from. Her ability to understand not only the planets and the way that they affect us but also her understanding of the human design is nothing short of astonishing. She makes astrology fun, she is funny as hell and truly one of my favorite people to spend time with. Her astrological counselling has been invaluable to my life — Lupo Passero

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