Turning Points

September 27 1995 started like many of my days that September. I woke with my heart in my throat, head full of wet cotton, a sense of impending doom and free-floating anxiety. I had thrown myself at a neighbor and he had to have a difficult conversation with me about how I was pretty much… Continue reading Turning Points


What Great Ships Are Built For

I came across this amazing piece from Clarissa Pinkola Estes (a long favorite writer of mine) and it moved me deeply this morning.  Especially after spending all evening yesterday binge-watching “The Family” on Netflix. “The Family” is a documentary based on a book based on this article about a secret shadowy group of powerful men… Continue reading What Great Ships Are Built For


Self-care is really, really hard for me.  I love how everybody is talking about it these days and advocating for it and showing us so many ways to practice it, it’s awesome. I wish I was a more active participant in the Self-Care movement, and I’m setting an intention here on this blog post that… Continue reading Self-Care