~~Astrological Chart Readings~~

*Natal Chart Reading — Your Natal Chart (or Birth Chart) is like a snapshot of where the planets were located in the heavens as if you were looking up from the place you were born at the moment your were born.  Your Natal Chart is your personal cosmic fingerprint that holds the key to your personality, your strengths, challenges, talents, karmic patterns and karmic path for this lifetime.  It’s an excellent tool to help you understand yourself in order to live the life you are meant to live.  $100

*Progressed Chart Reading — As we go through life we grow and change and your Progressed Chart can show you what energies you are inhabiting right now. It does not take the place of your Natal Chart, but can enhance your understanding of what is unfolding in the present.  $100

*Specific Life Area Reading — Using your Natal Chart we can focus primarily on career, romance, creativity, Karmic path – whatever you want to focus on! (30 Minutes) $50

*Compatibility Reading — Your Natal chart and their Natal chart –  $150

~~Energy Healing using Cross-Cultural Shamanic Practices~~

Relax and lay back as I use a combination of Reiki and Modern/Core Shamanistic practices including Andean Medicine to help balance your body’s energies to help facilitate your body’s ability to heal itself by  releasing negativity, removing stuck energy, cleansing and blessing the spiritual body, and balancing and energizing the chakra system.  Plus it is super-relaxing and reduces stress.  — Contact for consultation – prices based according to your needs $100-$180

~~Reiki Only~~

30 Minutes – $50

60 Minutes – $90

**Multiple Session pricing package available upon request**.

~~Energy Cleansing~~

Feeling stuck or blah? Perhaps your space needs to be cleansed of stagnant energy – we come to your place and use sacred smudging and sound to clear out stagnant energy and using essential oil, flower essences or gemstones help bring positive energy into your home or office.

$60-$100 (depending upon size of home/office)

Community Priestess

I am here to serve the community in a spiritual capacity wherever it is needed, and to create sacred space and honor sacred moments. As an ordained minister I can serve as the officiate at weddings and handfastings. I am available for families of those who are transitioning as a spiritual support for the dying AND their loved ones, and can also officiate memorial services.

Available for classes, workshops, and blessings .

Astrological chart readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Shamanic and Reiki treatments are meant as a complimentary treatment to Western Medicine and IS NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.

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